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Since our inception, SSC Commercial Services  has been totally focused on providing a strategic, quality and custom solutions for unique, not widely available services. 

We work with the best only, our list of vendors is fairly short by design but it is constantly growing.  We are constantly monitoring their work performance and adjust accordingly.  Most of our vendors are with us for a long time, and since our prescreening is very strict, rarely we have to part ways with approved vendors (happened  only couple of times due to ownership change).  We stand behind the work they do and your financial commitments are with us*. The vendor is always paid for their work, regardless is we are issuing credits or refunds for anything, so there is no transferred liability to your business*

We guarantee 100% refund within 30 days of completed service and payment*.  All direct services performed by inhouse consultants are subject to the same 100% satisfaction and refund guarantee. 

* Financial commitments and agreements with vendors operating in regulated industries requiring special licensing are done directly with vendors.  The actual work or service guarantees are provided by the vendors directly.  

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