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Architectural Engineering 

Our team of selected architectural engineers will work with architects from your project and civil engineers if required.  If you did not select your architects yet, we can provide that service and handle the whole process.

Commercial spaces - review and opinion on existing and "in design" stage. Safety and maintenance aspects.

We will review current contract in place, future contract you are looking to sign and we will design proper structures on new commercial projects.  This service is available based on  few options: maintenance and safety aspects only, full contract review by professional law firm we work with who specialize in contract law and recent regulations or a customized option only for your business. All available in verbal and/or written form with custom pricing for each option. Sites visits are available when needed or recommended.

Procurement of custom services solutions for safe work environment. Pandemic response systems - preparation and readiness. 

  • Long term contracts

  • Short term solution and contracts 

  • Spot service available in all categories

  • Planning and structures on CRE projects (existing and new)​

  • Preparation and readiness plans designed by best experts 

  • Custom services and pricing 

Maintenance and safety solutions for existing business in all settings.

In today's environment, hiring a cleaning service or contracting maintenance company is not as easy as it used to be.  There are many aspects these services need to incorporate in order for your business to be protected from liability and be in compliance.  We work only with best vendors, who have proven records of high quality services and proper structures in place to adopt quickly and properly to everchanging conditions of business settings.  Knowing they are in compliance, you are in compliance and with our strict requirements for vendors we work with, your liability is reduced to almost non existent. 

Specialized advisory
services per industry type 

All of the above services are already prepared with your industry in mind, but if your industry requires special handling of certain processes, these often will require additional time and  expertise.  These are handled with the greater attention to detail by specialized professional hired for these tasks only.  

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